Feeding the Throngs

I believe my sister Kelley oversaw a recent effort that
holds the Deetz record for number of bean tacos made: 1000

To quote Kelley: "It was for my bday / phd party. 1000 tacos made by Nicole and
Marilyn and myself. Cindy kindly let us invade her kitchen while she worked."

Prepped by the dozens
Yes We Can!  And DO!

Two of my gorgeous nieces, Nicole and Marilyn, working the taco line
for Kelley's Night of Massive Taco Consumption.

Growing up my family made a large amount of something, everyday. We ate out at restaurants, occasionally, had amazing take out feasts, but for the most part, we cooked day in and day out. It used to be pretty simple, because my mom did not cater to individual preferences. She made what we liked, but there were 10 kids in all in our house, so if you didn't like it, you figured something out on your own. I remember sitting at the table and having one brother trade with another brother, one liked egg yolks, the other the whites, so they swapped. Easy! My mom Jody once told me she either left things in big enough chunks that we could pick around them, or small enough that we didn't know they were there.

With my four, Laura, Jacki, James and Sara, I approached it the same way. As they became adults, they each developed their own food preferences and food choices, from vegetarian, to non-beef/pork eater; lots of veggies, no veggies. I have endless recipes that can be made and will satisfy everyone's eating choices. It is not hard to swap out ingredients and make them into something else, that is the fun of cooking at home. I cook a lot of meals that are vegetarian, like bean tacos (recipe coming soon, a Deetz staple!), pastas, soups, etc. In many cases, we have come to enjoy the vegetarian versions more than the originals. So hunt around my blog, and you should be able to find many dishes that suit whatever your food choices are. You don't live in Berkeley for a decade and not know how to meet a wide range of preferences.


  1. Is there a recipe for the bean tacos? Or is it just as easy as refried beans in tortillas and then fried?

  2. yes, a very easy one, i'll make that my post for next week, and include the chicken version too ;-)


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