Hot Sides

Soy/Sweet chili glazed haricot vert, mid stir

Broccoli in cream sauce is a must for me at thanksgiving and also for some of my kids. I do not believe they had broccoli in 17th c. Massachusetts. But I love it while I am cooking it, at the table and as leftovers mixed into my potatoes (yes, I love it when my food touches).

This years creamed broccoli is already cooked and awaiting reheating, so I moved onto another side which I expect will get better with a few hours rest. I got a large package of small green beans/haricot vert, and sauted then in a little olive oil and sliced fresh garlic. Then as they got somewhat cooked, I added a good large splash or two or three of soy sauce. The soy sauce added some steam, some salt and also on its own will get a little caramelized. I nudged it along with a couple Tbl. of water, and some additional salt, and as soon as the green beans started to get softer, I threw in about 1/4 cup of thai sweet chili paste. Then I continued to saute, letting the beans get a little more tender and the chili sauce to get sticky and coat the beans. I stopped them just short of done, and will reheat them right before we eat this evening. Salty, spicy, sticky, with a nice subtle crunch.