Cinnamon Rolls 2.0

These are the same basic cinnamon roll recipe I posted in October (The basic recipe is there, under the title "The Mother of All Cinnamon Rolls"). Here, I switched it up just a little bit. I made a full pan of 2 dozen, with 12 made with dried cranberries and shredded apples inside. I also added some almonds and cranberries to the bottom of the pan on that half, resting in the gooey topping mix, which of course, will become the top. The other side had rolls with just the spices and shredded apples inside (thank you again Dr. Elizabeth Monroe, for the apples), and nothing in the topping.

Before letting them rise in the pan, you can see the two types side-by-side.

The rolls bake until the bread is nice and golden, and the topping mixture is bubbling and starting to caramelize. That is why I like baking these in a glass pan, I can see what stage the topping is at.