Avocado Pasta with an Improv Tomato Sauce

This is another total experiment with my pasta phase. so this is more stream of consciousness than a specific recipe, following is what I used for the pasta, which was a beautiful green, with a good rich avocado aroma. I need to add some dried citric acid to the dough to help retain the color, but the first go round was really good. The flavor is fairly delicate, so I added a simple tomato sauce made in a few moments while the pasta cooks.


2 eggs, 1 very ripe but not browning avocado, 2 c or so of flour, salt  I put the eggs and avocado and some salt into the blender and mixed it up until it looks like green mayonnaise, placed it in a bowl, and added a little flour at a time until it made a good pasta dough, kneaded it till smooth, wrapped in plastic and allowed it to rest for 20 minutes

then rolled out and cut with a hand crank pasta machine, the angel hair took about a minute to cook. I tried fettuccine, but the softness made a thinner noodle more practical.

I tried to dry some noodles overnight but it has a high fat content so it just got kind of soft and stuck together.  I rolled the rest out though, and cut it and cooked it right away.

Tomato Sauce

I was basically just playing around to see if I could make pasta with avocado in it, so the next step was creating a sauce that would go well taste wise and visually contrast the lovely green of the avocado noodles. I didn't need much, so I took about a dozen cherry tomatoes and sauteed them with  sliced green onion and garlic in some olive oil.

I have some sea salt flavored with Kalamata olives, so I used that as well, and as the tomatoes cooked down, I mashed them a little with a spoon and added a little pasta water.

The pasta only took a few moments to cook, so this quick, impromptu sauce was perfect. My chef sister Cindy pointed out this would be great with scallops, so I may do that very thing next time I play with avocado pasta. I feel like I am tempted to make the rest of the vegetable kingdom into pasta before I revisit this, but really, I may do this again soon and often . . .